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Cho thuê các thiết bị đo chuyên dụng

Cho thuê máy đo độ rung Card Vibro Neo VM-2004Neo

Cho thuê máy đo độ rung Card Vibro Neo VM-2004Neo

Máy đo độ rung có độ chính xác cao của hãng IMV CORPORATION - Card Vibro Neo VM-2004Neo

Chi tiết sản phẩm

For condition check of general rotation machines, such as motor, pump and blower


Simultaneous Measurements

Support of quick and easy measurements There many functions to express characteristics of vibration. However, it is necessary for the conventional vibrometers that same point is measured plural times switching objective functions one by one.
CardVibro which has simultaneous measurement function can measure Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration and Acceleration Envelope for Bearing Condition Assessment simultaneously just being pressed on the measurement start key.

FFT Analysis

For investigation of cause of vibrationIf the measured magnitude of vibration is too large, cause investigation by FFT is recommended. CardVibro Neo is possible to perform Frequency Analysis only by the minimum condition setting . Try fine analysis with 1600lines on the small body. CardVibro Neo could be your strong handheld weapon to root out the harmful vibration.

Data Saving

Important basic functionAll Data acquired can be saved. If the PDA compatible to the storage card as SD card is used, more Data are possible to be saved. Data can be transferred to P.C. for more efficient handling by using Data handling software.

Bearing Checker Function

Check by earThis is a function that we would like people who judge bearing conditions with acoustic rod to use. By just connecting to headphone / earphone, sound is listened with vibration measurement.

judging value is equipped

Judgement just after measurementVibration measurement for condition check of rotational machines such as blower or motor, everyone wants to judge condition with measured data immediately. However, you cannot judge in the first measurement. You can diagnose with bearing judging value set for Card Vibro Air by ISO-10816[JIS-B-0906] Standard, vibration severity and the world's largest bearing maker, SKF.

Time Waveform Measurement

Figure out vibration variance at one viewRolling phenomenon has characteristics on its waveform, so you can recognise at one view. You can record the waveform up to 10 sec.

Correspond to three kinds of pickups

Play three Vibration Measuring uses only with this oneWe have prepared three principle pickups, which are accelerometer corresponding to wide frequency range, electro-dynamic velocity type suitable for small displacement measurement, and Piezo-resistive type suitable for low frequency. Vibration Measuring which used to be used according to uses will be one.

Use of PDA application

You cannot be satisfied with only measuring vibrationDisplay of CardVibro Neo is changeable to the PDA function when the pocket calculator is required for the frequency calculation or the schedule is checked during the measurement on site. If the data is renewed, the schedule will be updated synchronized with PC. Versatile PDA application will be available for your job.

General Specifications




VM-2004Neo TYPE212

Suitable PC

Corresponding PDA
OS: MicrosoftR Windows MobileR 6 Classic MicrosoftR Windows MobileR 5.0
Processor: MarvellR Processor PXA310 624MHz (or more than)
RAM: 128MB or more
Interface: model that equips CF card with Type II slot and SD card slot

Interface with Pocket PC

CF card with Type II slot

Power supply

3.3VIt is supplied from Pocket PC.

Temperature Range
Humidity Range

0~+45 3090% RH not due condensation


25g approx. Only the card



Interface for Pickup Input

AC voltage signal Max±2.5V Input Terminal : 8-pin modular jackRJ-45

Raw Waveform OutputPU OUT

Outputs the voltage signal which the sensor input signal is amplified by the used range magnificationx1/x5/x20/x100
Output Terminal : 2.5φ mini-jack

Sampling Frequency

MAX. 76.8kHzChanges according to Mode.76.8kHz38.4kHz19.2kHz9.6kHz

Aliasing Filter

20kHz/2kHzChanges according to Mode.



Available Language

Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean

Measurement Specifications



Overall Measurement

Select Simultaneous Meas.Single Meas.


○ISO Vibration EvaluationISO-10816JIS-B-0906standard
○Bearing Evaluation

FFT Spectrum Analysis

○Lines of ResolutionMax. 1600lines
○Trigger function
○Dominant frequency component of highest 5 display function

Time Waveform Measurement

○Measuring TimeMax. 10 second
○Trigger function

Notes function

○Memo for every Machine,Measuring Point can be recorded.
Data of rotational number, temperature, power, pressure etc other than vibration can be saved.

Data Save Control

○Saves the information of machine name, measuring point, detected direction, note, measuring data, measuring condition etc in addition to the measured data.
○Pocket PC
memory 64MBcan save OA:2000 points, FFT:1000 points, WV:5MB
with the use of external memory as SD card, more data can be saved.

Specifications with Accelerometer VP-2001AStandard



Measurement Type 
Frequency Range


1010kHzfmax is changeable

Velocity: V


Displacement: D


Enveloped AccelerationE1


Enveloped AccelerationE2


Enveloped AccelerationE3


Enveloped AccelerationE4


Measuring Range

Max. Acceleration




4range,10,50,200,1000m/s 2,Fixed/Auto

Velocity: V

4range,10,50,200,1000mm/s , Fixed/Auto

Displacement: D

range,50,250,1000,5000μm p-p, Fixed/Auto

Specifications with Electro-dynamic Velocity Pickup VP-2001VOption

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